Ursus 3512 Tractor For Sale


The Ursus 3512 tractor is a powerful and reliable farming machine designed to meet the needs of modern agriculture. With a robust 3-cylinder diesel engine, it can deliver up to 40 horsepower and a maximum torque of 135 Nm, making it suitable for a wide range of agricultural tasks.

Equipped with a synchronized 8-speed gearbox and a mechanical shuttle, the Ursus 3512 offers smooth and easy shifting, while the hydraulic power steering and independent PTO enable precise control and efficient operation. The tractor also features a 3-point hitch with adjustable lift capacity and a comfortable operator platform with ergonomic controls and a deluxe suspension seat.

Built with high-quality components and advanced engineering, the Ursus 3512 is a durable and versatile tractor that can handle demanding agricultural applications with ease. Whether you need to plow, till, mow, or haul, this reliable machine is up to the task, providing exceptional performance and productivity for years to come.